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Commercial Concrete Cutting

Wall sawing, handheld sawing, and floor cutting, Baynick's can help with your small to medium sized concrete cutting projects. We can provide precision concrete cutting for concrete slabs, concrete trenches, concrete walls and more for residential or commercial projects.


Our equipment can be used to:

  • Cut a new doorway in a building

  • Cut grids into the floor 

  • Cutting and removing a portion of floor

  • Cutting and removing a portion of sidewalk

To learn more about this service or to receive a free estimate, call 414-380-5656 today.

Wall Sawing

For cutting windows, doors, foundations, and of course, egress windows, wall sawing creates precise vertical and horizontal cuts. This technique can even be used on inclined surfaces. 

Handheld Sawing

Used for HVAC openings in brick or cinderblock, beam pockets, and small openings in slabs and walls, handheld sawing can be faster and more cost effective for smaller projects. 

Floor Cutting

An excellent way to avoid jack hammering, dust, and messy cleanup, floor cutting can ge used fpr street widening, concrete floor trenching, slab repair, and more.

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