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Reasons to Choose Baynick's

1. We care about our projects and aim to please home owners with our finish products.

2. We always lay down plywood to reduce damage to home owners lawn (except when ground is frozen)

3. All cutting is done on the outside of the home to keep the mess out, and we put plastic up in the interior to minimize dust.

4. All projects are done with permits , no question.

5. We tell home owners the truth about the codes and requirements, even if they don’t like the facts, we do not just put in any window to temporarily satisfy the home owner. All projects must meet the 8% rule if in a bedroom.

6. We never jump from job to job. Once we start, we are there to the finish.

7. We offer interior finish work. Not many companies will finish the interior of the windows and home owners are left to hire another company.

8. We do it all. Other companies sub out to another contractor to do the work.

9. We do our own cutting, installation of egress well, installation of window, and hard scrape (no finish landscaping).

10. We offer to work with home owners if utilities need to be rerouted for the egress project. We typically work with We Energies to handle rerouting gas lines, electrical lines. ( 20% handling fee added to each quote per utility)

11. We use 8-10 thousand pounds of stone on every egress project.

12. We haul away all our dirt, unless home owner wants the dirt (usually not the case).

13. All estimates are free.

14. We offer installations year round.

15. We only use light weight compact tractors on home owners lawn to reduce damage to property. All stone is dumped on public roads and hauled into the work area. We don’t dump product on home owners drive unless asked to do so.

16. We offer custom egress well designs to meet home owners dreams.

17. We are a local business serving local territory, not out of state.

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