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Have questions? Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions, and their answers. 

Why do I need Egress Windows?

Home owner’s need egress windows for existing bedrooms or planning for future bedrooms to meet the State Safety Requirements and protect your loved ones.

What equipment is used and will it damage landscaping?

We used a Kubota L3301 compact tractor with turf tires to protect the lawn, we put plywood down as an extra precaution. Due to the size of the project, there will always be some sort of damage; the excavation portion is approximately 11,000 pounds of soil being removed and approximately 7,000 pounds of stone will be hauled into the property. Trailers and truck will remain on the street unless we are unable to due to the distance to project or restrictions by road conditions.

Does there have to be an existing window?

If there is a bedroom in a basement then it is required by law that there be an egress window, most homeowners shy away from the proper bedroom safety in basements due to cost, or having existing projects done without permits and are worried about consequences/fines.

Will the project be up to code?

Yes, the project will be up to code with egress opening and natural light code for bedrooms.

Will permits be required?

Yes, all work will be done with permits, basic building permits and depending on where you live there could be additional permits needed to get the process going, such as septic /mound testing/land disturbance and review/development costs.

How long does installation take?

It can take up to a month to get all the paperwork process completed but once we actually start the project it usually takes about two days.

Where are egress windows required?

Bedrooms, but a lot of customers want them, in general, to just get more light into their basements to make it more welcoming.

What's the best kind of egress system?

The best egress system is the one that is done right. There are a lot of homeowners that have had egress windows installed over the years and we get calls that they are leaking or there are drainage issues from not having it proper Installed. Our guarantee to make sure that does not happen is in proper excavation and the large amounts of stone that we bring in for proper drainage and to prevent damages in the wintertime.

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