Here at Baynick's, we offer four different egress window systems. Explore them here:

St. Paul Corrugating Co. Systems

Affordable basement egress systems from the makes of The Original Areawall™ . SPC Egress window wells are designed to meet local building codes for entry or exit in case of an emergency. Offered in galvanized Mill or Stonewall Finishes. includes the well, casement window, cover and ladder.

Blocktex Egress Wells

Egress window wells from Shape Products are constructed from fiberglass, giving them unrivaled durability and a long life, even when put in demanding conditions. Using fiberglass allows us to give our wells their impeccable strength, while also being an easy to work with material to produce volumes that meet growing demand.


DuraWell Egress Window Systems

DuraWell’s one-piece design keeps your window well safe from the elements. No need to worry about rust or rot, DuraWell will withstand it all. Resembles real stone and fill your basement with natural light! DuraWell utilizes a built-in ladder with 12″ steps to promote safe and easy emergency exit. DuraWell is engineered with strong, light-weight materials to make installation easier than ever.


Rockwell Egress Window Systems

RockWell window wells help turn your basement into a retreat. Unlike window well liners, our window wells have a stone texture that truly looks and feels like real stone, adding great curb appeal and an aesthetically pleasing view both inside and outside of the house. Our basement egress window wells allow for more natural light and ventilation into an otherwise dark & drab basement, leaving downstairs rooms feeling larger and more inviting.


Baynick's Custom Built Systems

If Rockwell, Stonetex, or Block-Tex manufactured units don't work for you or your home no worries! Baynick's can custom build your egress system to perfectly fit with your home, and family. We will work with you, and your space to create exactly what you need in a custom egress system. Call to learn more (414) 380-5656