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6 Reasons You Should Finally Take the Leap and Finish Your Basement

Have you been on the fence about finishing your basement? Unfinished basements can be an eyesore and seem like a project that will never happen. Most people drag their feet on starting to renovate because they are not aware of the benefits that a finished basement can have on your home. 

The reality is having a finished basement is an incredible investment and can breathe new life into your home. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a basement renovation. 

1. Adds Value to Your Home

There are a few different ways a finished basement can add value to your home. The most obvious is the opportunity for additional rooms. If you decide to sell your home, having another bedroom or bathroom is much more attractive to potential buyers. 

If you do decide to build a bedroom, it is important to note that you are required to install an Egress window. This is simply because a livable bedroom requires at least two ways to egress or evacuate during the event of an emergency. Click here to read our other article that covers this law and egress windows in further detail.

Installing an egress window is beneficial because it will also increase the value of your home. Additionally, it allows for natural light to come into your home and make the once unlivable space seem more comfortable. 

The last reason a finished basement increases the value of your home is that once the space is considered “livable”, it can be added to the official square footage of the home. This adds a substantial amount to the value of a home on the market and will prove to show a return on your investment. 

2. Able to Entertain More Guests - Guest Room

If your basement is unfinished, you are likely stuck hosting all of your get-togethers on the main floor. Your home should be your getaway paradise and parading the most commonly used areas to your guests can feel taxing.

Additionally, if you have family or friends that need to stay the night, having that extra bedroom or guest room is crucial. 

Everyone likes their privacy, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t entertain. Having that extra basement space will give you peace of mind that your guests are comfortable without intruding on your personal space. 

3. Increase Your Living Space

We mentioned earlier that adding living space to your home increases its value. But what happens when you want to add square footage to your home and your lot doesn't allow it? Or there are zoning restrictions that say you legally cannot make expansions? 

While we have to abide by the laws and zoning restrictions, that doesn’t mean you can’t add square footage—just use the basement! 

Just think, you were sitting on top of your extra space the whole time! 

4. Have Fun Decorating a New Part of Your Home

Decorating your home with your unique style is one of the most fun parts of buying a home. You get to move in, examine all of the rooms, and get to work! 

Not all of us agree with our spouses on decor and there is likely a winner who gets to make the majority of the choices for common areas in the home. By finishing your basement, you have a chance to put it together with ideas that may have not been used because of limited space.

You also have the chance to install cool toys and gadgets that make the basement a fun place to relax, such as:

  • Mounted TVs

  • AV or Surround Sound

  • Heated Floors

  • Bar

  • etc.

Use your imagination and create the perfect basement pad!

5. Opportunity for a Unique Basement Room

Many finished basements are converted into something fun or unique. Depending on your interests, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few ideas we thought would make for an awesome basement renovation:

  • Game Room

  • Weight Room

  • Home Office

  • Guest Bedroom

  • Home Theatre

  • Family Room

  • Second Kitchen/ Bar

  • Kids Play Room

All of these options are adding value to your home and make it a place where you can have fun or relax. Imagine having a second kitchen or home theatre that you can escape too when things get chaotic around the house?! 

Or think of the peace and quiet that comes with the kids having their own play area.  

No matter what you choose, converting your basement into a fun, livable space is an exciting experience! 

6. Improve the Safety of Your Home - Egress Windows

The last reason you should consider finishing your basement is for the added safety options. As we noted, to make your basement a livable space it needs to have an egress window. Egress windows are designed to add security escape measures in the time of a disaster. 

Another way finished basements add to the safety of your home is by helping rid yourself of moisture issues. Unfinished basements are usually dark and damp which can harbor mold and pollute the air quality. With the help of an egress window, some drywall, and insulation—your basement will stay lit, dry, and well ventilated. 

There are numerous benefits to finishing your basement and many of them add value to your home. If you are considering renovating and finishing your basement, it’s not too late! Take advantage of the space you already have and see how a finished basement can refresh your home.

Be sure to contact us for the installation of your egress windows. All of our products meet the requirements as well as provide tons of other benefits to your home!

So why wait? Contact us today and find out how we can help you get your new bedroom up to code while installing a beautiful egress window to your home. Our staff is ready to determine which egress window system or custom built solution is right for you!

Call (414) 380-5656 or click here to reach out.

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