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7 Great Reasons to Hire a Pro for Your Egress Windows

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

If you’re handy around the house it’s probably tempting to think about installing egress windows yourself. But there are some good reasons to leave it to a fully licensed contractor with experience.

Here are seven great reasons to work with professionals when installing egress windows.

1. They can excavate

Many egress windows will require excavation in order to install a window well. Soil, slope and depth must be considered. Oftentimes a backhoe is needed. The dimensions must be just right, and the bottom must be level. You’ll need a drainage solution, too, to make sure water is never trapped in the well and never seeps inside. A professional will have the experience and the equipment to handle all these concerns.

2. They can cut through concrete foundations

If you’re installing an egress window in a basement, chances are you’ll need to open a portion of a masonry wall — either cinder block or poured concrete. This requires special equipment, safety precautions, and careful planning to measure properly for framing. An experienced contractor can do all this and will also know how to avoid any damage to your foundation.

3. They know how to get the right fit

Egress windows require precision. They must adhere to specific dimensions required by codes, both for the window itself and the well. If cutting through a wall or foundation, you must plan for framing and other factors. And all the elements — window, frame, well — need to fit together properly to prevent pests and the weather from getting into your house. A contractor who specializes in egress windows will be experienced and exacting with this process.

4. They’ll seal everything properly

Energy efficiency is one of the benefits of an egress window because it usually replaces an existing window that lets your heat escape or lets the wind and cold come in. But it will be energy-efficient only if it’s attached to the foundation properly and sealed properly. Along with the right fit, correct sealing methods and materials must be used to get this benefit. In addition, proper sealing will prevent water from leaking inside, which can create damage to the interior and create the risk of mold.

5. They know the rules

Professionals know the rules and will make sure they’re followed. The dimensions, materials and design of an egress window and window well are outlined in building codes. Failing to adhere to them can put you in violation of codes and cause complications if you must make an insurance claim or when it comes time to sell your house. An even more important reason to hire someone who knows the rules is the next item: safety.

6. They will put safety first

Egress windows are required for a good reason: to create a way to escape in case of fire or other emergencies. Professionals will install an egress window so that it will adhere to safety standards, and you can rely on it to function properly when needed.

In addition, the process of installing an egress window can be dangerous to people and to your home. Professionals have the equipment, experience and knowledge to minimize risks.

7. They’ll clean up the mess

The process of excavating, opening a wall and installing an egress window can create a mess indoors and in your yard. A professional will dispose of the waste safely and tidy up afterward so you don’t have to!

You can count on Baynick’s!

Baynick’s is a family-owned business with many years of experience installing egress windows. We are a fully insured and licensed contractor, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and back up our work with a 30-month labor warranty. Our owner is on-site for every job.

You can count on quality work from us! Use our contact form or call us at (414) 380-5656 to learn more.

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