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If You’re Remodeling, Don’t Forget About the Basement!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Skyrocketing home values have meant a big upturn in remodeling projects. Many are watching the real estate market and wondering if they should put their money into upgrading their current home instead of buying a new one. If you’re weighing a decision like this, you might think that refinishing your basement is out of the question — unless you’ve thought about egress windows.

The International Code Council requires all finished basements with habitable space to have an egress window, which is designed to be an escape route out of your home’s basement or lower level. This means if the basement has a habitable room — for instance a bedroom, office, exercise room or family room — there must be an egress window in that room.

So that dark, dingy space where you’ve been storing old toys, luggage and sports equipment? Imagine it with an egress windows. By letting in light and air and complying with building codes, it can be a space for exercise, relaxation or houseguests.

Many More Benefits

This can bring many benefits to homeowners:

· Safety first. In case of an emergency, occupants can easily use an egress window to leave the basement.

· Add square footage. You’ll get more living space without building an addition or looking for a new house. And the extra space will increase your home’s value home when you sell.

· Add to your home’s appeal. When it does come time to sell your home, a refinished basement will add to its appeal. We’ll help you design your egress windows with materials that will complement your yard and your home’s design.

· Natural light and air. An egress window lets in light and air, both of which are limited in most basements.

· Energy efficient. More light means less need to switch on those lamps. And egress windows are typically insulated better than traditional windows, so you’ll spend less on heating.

We Can Help!

Call us today and we’ll help you determine an egress window system that’s right for you and your home, whether it’s a Wellcraft Egress System or a custom design. Use our contact form or call us at (414) 380-5656.

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